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The Canadian Muslim Union proudly joins Salaam Canada in their Peace Iftar

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When: Friday, August 28, 2009 - 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM  
Where: At the Central Neighbourhood House - 349 Ontario Street (halfway between Sherbourne & Parliament and halfway between Dundas & Gerrard).  
What: Iftar is the breaking of the Fast during the holy month of Ramadan. During this month, Muslims around the world do not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset. Iftar is when family and friends gather to celebrate the simple things that this world has to offer.

This is day 7 of Ramadan (due to difference in interpretation, various groups may have a slightly different date). Fasting in Toronto on this day is done from 5:11 AM until 8:04 PM.

We will begin with a Call to Prayer followed by appetizers, and introductions of various groups and individuals, including the host organizations.

Anyone is invited to join in communal prayer regardless of religion, faith, or creed. However, participation is not mandatory.

After the prayer, a meal will be served. Participants are encouraged to mingle and socialize with old friends and make new ones.

This years menu will be African cuisine.

Why: Ramadan is a month on the Muslim lunar calendar that begins from the flight of the Muslims from Mecca to Medina in search of Sanctuary and Human Dignity.

We are in the year 1430 AH.

Ramadan is the month when the first verse of the QurĂ n was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. This verse is known as "Iqra" or "Read".

Who: The Ramadan Break-Fast Dinner has been an annual event hosted by Salaam: Queer Muslim Community since 2003, and joined by Canadian Muslim Union as co-sponsor since 2006.

This year the event is also co-sponsored by Africans in partnership against AIDS & HUMAN+, Egale Canada, Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention [ASAP], Women's Health in Women's Hands [WHIWH] and Downtown 'el-Tawhid' Juma Circle.

It is endorsed by:
MPV (Muslims for Progressive Values), MAP [Muslim AIDS Project], and Du'a; Queer Muslim Connection (Hamilton).

It is open to ALL regardless of religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, class, or disability*.

Participants are encouraged [but not required] to join in fasting on that day.

Participants are asked to confirm (RSVP "yes" or "no" only, "maybe" responses are not helpful. If in doubt, wait until you are sure, but please give us a few days notice) their participation through facebook, by sending an e-mail to: or by submitting this form:

I will be there!

size of party: people (including myself).
How: Participants are not expected to Fast. However, they are welcome to have done so if they are interested and able to do so.

We will "walk" participants through the ceremonies of the Fast, prayer and introduce them to foods from Muslim cultures that are also traditional foods during Ramadan.

Participants are requested to bring a bring a non-alcoholic beverage or dessert. In addition, those who are able are requested to make a $10 - $20 donation to help defray costs.

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