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The short life of Dilawar Khan

Dilawar Khan was born on August 29, 2006. His life was not long but it was eventful. Sadly he died following a tragic accident at shortly after noon (EDT) on August 31 when he inadvertently outed himself in an e-mail response posted on the Muslim Canadian Congress list. The full text of the fatal e-mail was:

Subject: Re: [MCC] Re: Labour Day Parade
From: Dilawar Khan 
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 09:28:04 -0700 (PDT)

Ali bhai,

You know I would have loved to come, but kiyaa karen, aapki party nein
dil bahut dukhaya hai! Meri taraf say Jack ko mera salaam zaroor day
daynaa, aur kehan, in maulvi logon say bachay.

Khuda hafiz


Although he struggled for almost an hour, Dilawar passed on at approximately 1:25 PM that day. His final words (at least to the CMU list), still fighting till the end were:

If it pleases you and feeds your paranoia, then yes, I am Tarek Fatah


Let me sign off as Tarek Fatah so that you can sleep well. This will be
my last post on this forum and I will unsubsctribe from both the MCC and
the CMU. Muslims will never learn from their horrible history and keep
making the same mistakes again and again. Fight amongst themselevs and
rip apart anyone who steps in to be the devils advocate

I am sure Tarek will be happy to know he now has a clone!

Khuda Hafiz and Fi Amanallah all of you. No hard feelings. I will send a
similar message to the MCC, whihc you will be passed on to this list
anyway. Dilawar.

"Tarek Fatah"

Goodbye Dilawar, we hardly knew you.

If any MCC members are sick of the cynical manipulation on the MCC list, where Tarek Fatah creates an alias, poses as an impartial third party, then asks himself "tough questions" (and continues to lie even when caught), please feel free to visit the CMU. You will find that it differs substantially from what "Dilawar" and others like him have been telling you.

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